Cabo, Day Uno

On zero sleep, and dodging a hurricane, I rolled into Cabo right on schedule. First item of business was some decent food! Complimentary guacamole would be a solid start. Thanks, love.

Followed by grilled octopus tacos…be still my heart.

I checked into this superb room.

Took in the view from the balcony.

And changed for the pool. I met so many nice people and struck up a conversation with a charming attorney. Because men are fools, he hadn’t seen a sunset! Not one. So I forced him to watch it. Plus, I got to share the bottle of Veuve Cliquot I’d picked up at duty free. Drinking a whole bottle of bubbly alone is hard!

He told me he’d be taking me to dinner and after we’d dance on the roof top. To which I replied, “yup.”

No pics from dinner, but here’s the view from the rooftop bar.

Life is but a dream…. 


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