Cabo, Day Dos

The day began with my busted up beach bag warranting its own chair at breakfast. Hot date.

Followed by far too much breakfast and a walk on the beach to burn it off. I kept getting hit by surprisingly large waves so it didn’t last too long.

A day at the pool reading, drinking and firming new friendships over relationship tribulations was quite fun. So was the nap that followed. And about 3 days over due.

I headed next door to “Sunset da Mona Lisa” for dinner. Last year, this was the scene of the crime that had me ready to propose to my waiter. This year, just a couple cocktails and dinner back at the hotel was fine too.

Grown men with a conch shell band were a fun surprise.

Dinner was octopus anticucho.

The most delicious rice chips and a beautiful gin concoction also ensued.

As did a repeat performance of the causa trio. A fun reminder of the previous night. 

It was fun to sit at the chef’s table and watch the team in action. I was told that I looked Latin. Wet hair for the win. And I overheard a hilariously awkward date with an age gap that might have been just a bit too agressive. Love this place!


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