Norma’s at The Parker

Norma’s at The Parker, they said. It’s a Parker Meridien, they said.

Yea….well… This door is my dream…

The bar was made of Quartz, just as the Delano or the Tides…. Ok I feel at home…I can work with this….

I made brunch reservations because I HAD to….

It was like Grandma’s living room. On drugs. Literally. 



Walking away from the drug laced pillows, I ordered the James Beard award winning potato pancakes. While I am a savoury breakfast gal, I would not have chosen this. It was delicious. And heavy. A potato pancake with a side of crispy potatoes. But….James Beard made me. And it was delicious. And the service was abysmal….and I still couldn’t hang out by the pool. Also, 3 latkes for $27 seemed like a rough ratio. Next time…. Just pass up Pam Springs. I mean, The Parker… Or at least potato pancakes….


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