I’ll Cut You

My new place is slowly coming together. It’s been quite fun to unpack and get organised and even bring a few new friends home to live in my kitchen. Let’s meet them now, shall we?

First up are these lovely Laguiole steak knives. I’ve always admired this design and the rainbow of colours that this brand offers. Strolling through Williams-Sonoma recently, I noticed they had bright orange handle and gray handles with ROSE gold blades on clearance. I couldn’t decide which I loved more and decided to think about it. Thank goodness I did, as I came across these slate gray handles at Home Goods for just $20! Obsessed. And I love the wooden bed where they sleep.

I should have just gone shopping in France this summer as my favorite purchase was naturally another French one….an Emile Henry salt pig. Yep, that’s what it’s called. Obsessed.

Finally, I bought good kitchen knives and proper cutting boards. If this is one of the things that makes you an adult, then finally one point for team adulting. These Global knives in their modern house are a game changer.

Anyone else have great gadgets that I should test drive?


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