I’m Baaaaaackkkk

Hi guys!

Was the hiatus long enough for you to miss me?

I have so much to fill you in on… From the worst breakup of my life, to trips I never shared, and new recipe wins and losses vetted by Chrissy Tiegan herself. Also, I’ve made two moves! I cannot begin to describe how mentally, emotionally, and physically exhausted I am…. But I finally feel so happy again! The last 7 months have been fairly awful, with the last 3 particularly terrible. Life is good again and little beauties like these succulents I bought today make my heart pitter patter.

I’m reading again. I’m writing. There is so much in the space between my ears that I don’t know where to begin! I’m feeling less dead inside and no longer walking on eggshells is the biggest relief! I’ve promised myself that I’ll never be scared of a man. Violence won’t be tolerated and I’ll never live with someone unless there is a legit promise to a future. I have my worldly belongings back. Even the ones used to barricade me in a room are back. I still love them and that won’t define them. I’m finding more and more silly little things that were taken and missing, but I’m filling the voids with much nicer things. I’m rekindling old friendships and finding people really care and me and my overall well being. And I’m just so happy and grateful for that….

Today is always a weird day and the “thing missing” is what would have been my 11th wedding anniversary. It hit me hard last year as the big round number 10. I channeled the weird energy into getting an annulment. On number 11, I’m just so grateful to have made it out alive, that I’m happy and celebrating with a treat yo’self day. I’ve spruced up the place with some beautiful plants, am replacing what has been stolen, took a bubble bath, and made a gorgeous dinner- something worthy of a special occasion. Something reminiscent of a fabulous month in Italy.

Life is good and I’m so happy to be back! Chat soon! xx

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  1. gregandbirds says:

    Those succulents don’t suck!



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