V Hotel Palm Springs

I had the Ace hotel booked for Palm Springs, again based on friends’ recccos, despite hating the one in NYC. However, Just before arriving, I cancelled and decided to try the new V Hotel Palm Springs. For $90 a night, what could really go wrong? It just opened in March, so probably at least not bed bugs. Plus, it’s next to the Ace, so I’d hang there if things became dire.

I immediately love the mid century modern entrance and artsy posts.

There is your choice of fixy or townie bikes. Having flashbacks to London, I had to decline both.

The pool wasn’t too busy upon arrival, but a DJ and pool party today may have me changing my tune.

The room was thoughtful and the bathroom was stocked with my fav, Malin and Goetz products. The towels were insanely fluffy and the floors were a cool design. What more could a gal want?

Maybe a giant mirror?

Or maybe a brushed gold ice bucket? Maybe.

The desk was great, as were the numerous plugs and USB ports. The room was stocked with complimentary water and Chicago mix. Do they know me or what?

Despite the skull overlooking my slumber, I snoozed like a babe.

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  1. gregandbirds says:

    I would have hung my hat on the cow skull.



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