Sauced and Pickled 

 Last weekend was spent nearly entirely in the kitchen, testing recipes for upcoming guests, not loving them, sending them to work with the Chap, and repeat. I was getting discouraged on Sunday and told him, I don’t care whether we order Chinese or you roast a whole duck for dinner (he’s been talking about this), but I’m out of the kitchen.

Homie made burgers! Not usually one to bat an eye at a burger, let alone order one, it was a decidedly nice change. Mainly because, these burgers were out of this world! Well, everything he cooks is incredible, but these just really hit the spot for some reason.

See why?

This is no flipping TGI Friday’s shit.

You’ll have to ask Chap for his burger secret. There is a cooking secret, but I’ll share with you the sauce that brought the whole thing into a new atmosphere! Please enjoy it leaking out of the photo above.

Special Sauce a la Chrissy Tiegan

  • 1/2 c. Mayo
  • 4 T. Cholula
  • 6 T. Chopped pickles

Bam! You’re welcome. Now wipe that sauce off of your face.

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