Constant Cravings

The other day the Chap handed me a box and said he had a present for me. On a Monday night when nothing particular happens, I was elated with a surprise! Until he threw in the caveat, “half of it is for you and half of it is for the dog.” I figured I was about to open some sort of leashed apparatus “for me” to walk the dog. I was going to kill him.

Oh ye of little faith. The Chap had remembered my girl crush had finally dropped her cookbook. Chrissy Tiegan’s “Cravings.” Awesome! Sorry I ever doubted you, Chap. (Oh, the dog part was a leash. His Amazon game is strong).

The book is even better than expected as every recipe has a hilarious intro full of swearing and stories of Chrissy and John’s relationship. #squadgoals. She knows her salads are great as they receive more IG likes than her boobs. Her sister’s baby shower starts with whiskey and you’ll have to google John’s Mac and cheese recipe because printing pages is expensive, hers is way better and he already has too many talents. Lovee….

Another great use of a page.

In an effort to be somewhat healthful, I had to forgo the Mac and cheese (for now) and started with the Chinese Chicken salad reminiscent of Wolfgang Puck’s. I doubled the recipe, but otherwise followed it to the letter. The Chap and I have enjoyed the crunchy goodness for lunch all week. Oh and the dressing is BOMB. I was also very pleased to learn the vernacular, “rotochick.” I will never call rotisserie chickens by another name again.

The best part is knowing that if I make Chrissy’s recipes is that I’ll look like her in no time. Can’t wait!

Here’s the details, straight from Cravings.

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