Keys, Please

I’ve been off the grid for the last week galavanting around the gorgeous Florida Keys! While previous visits included some truly hilarious, debaucherous times with friends or the like, this trip was decidedly different. Instead of closing down watering holes and being reprimanded at various high brow hotels, the Chap and I were staying in the winter home of his parents. We vassilated between sunning ourselves at the pool and the beach. Should we work on tanning our fronts or backs? Should I drink a rum runner or white wine? Do I read on the porch or in the garden? Really tough choices. But someone had to make them and I was very glad to. We came home exhausted, but relaxed and ready to tackle the fat deposits that vacation photos are made of.

I had a hard time sleeping, so every morning I set out for a long jog and had breakfast somewhere adorable, while everyone else slept. It was quite windy most days; I’d never seen the waves so high.

We toured Hemingway’s House. I’d purchased two of his novels for the trip so that I’d be all brushed up on his writing. I ditched them at the last minute, but they let me take the tour anyway.

That night, the Chap and I had a terribly romantic dinner at Louie’s Backyard, a truly gorgeous restaurant near the Waldorf. To flip the script, I insisted we hit up the dodgiest bars possible.
The next few days were a mix of kayaking and lounging. Rough gig.

My evenings were full of consuming fresh fish, “Key West pinks,” and avoiding pie since most of them suck and I make a mean one.

I also worked very hard at staring directly into the sun, both from land and on boats. My sunsets with boats series is coming together very nicely. I’m embarrassed to say how many of these photos I have on my phone, but I can’t bring myself to delete any. Sorry, sun.

See, all so different!


Finally, we hit up Schooner’s Wharf Bar for one last round of tacos and high tailed it to The Moorings where we were not escorted from the premise. (Not that it’s ever happened before).

Until next time, sunshine!

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  1. gregandbirds says:

    So, you went to Hineygate? Also, good call on ditching the Hemingway novels.


    1. What’s your problem w Hemingway? A Movable Feast is my all time fav book.


      1. gregandbirds says:

        My only Hemingway experience is “For Whom the Bell Tolls.” If I were writing a book report, it would go as follows: People get drunk a lot in Paris. Then, people get drunk a lot in Spain. One man doesn’t get what he wants out of life, and is therefore somewhat disappointed by it. The end!


      2. gregandbirds says:

        Whoops. I actually read “The Sun Also Rises.”



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