Will You Be My Valentine?

So you’ve navigated through birthdays, the holidays, an anniversary, and now… Valentine’s Day. Does anyone REALLY like Valentine’s Day? While I love any holiday, I certainly am not one of those ladies who takes the holiday too seriously. Last year, I was out with a large group, spicing up Miami, and two of the betches started crying. Because it was Valentine’s Day. Come on.

Since the ONLY way that you’ll know your mate loves you is when he/she books this delicious suite on mad promotion at The Cape Hotel, why not pass this little website along. Corner suite with a plunge pool? Everyone know’s you can’t spell I Love You without “Plunge Pool.” Or something. Hey, regular rooms are on sale too, people, and I wouldn’t kick those out of bed either. It’s not settling, I swear.

My trigger finger is itchy, especially with the looming romantic holiday as an excuse…but, maybe I’d best leave it to the Chap. Sigh.

cape-suite_3393940kPhoto Courtesy of: The Cape Hotel

In the unlikely event your partner isn’t surprising you with a tropical holiday, here are some cheeky ideas straight off of the IG.





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