Fiesta, Fiesta

I’m the kinda of gal who takes her travel seriously. Don’t invite me to your beach house. I WILL come. I’m also the kind of gal who has read travel books cover to cover as a little girl and now reads travel mags and blogs just for the sport of it. A girl needs to be prepared if she finds herself with an extra 12 hours on a layover through Copenhagen!

So, it’s probably no surprise that my incessant reading, planning, and scouring for the next deal has the Chap a bit in orbit. I’ve seen this type before in my parents and other folks I’ve spent time with. The daydreaming of the next great escape just doesn’t grab them as seriously. For instance, the other night we watched two back-to-back movies set in London. I was salivating for a trip back and asked when we could go. Maybe, June? We had no plans then. He quipped with a sarcastic, “but when will we visit Morocco?” “June could work for that, too.” I was serious.

That’s why I’m planning for a relaxing holiday following a crazy convention schedule. Nine months early. I HAVE to.

I decided that Mexico was so lovely last year that I ought to return, but that a direct flight from Florida might be nice. So here are the contenders. For now.

Thompson, Playa del Carmen

Oddly downtown, but with one of my favorite restaurants, Catch. Could be fun. Or too close to everything.

Hotel Esencia

This place looks amazing. It’s an old Italian duchess’s house. As you do. Private plunge pools and boho glamour ensue in the foliage of Tulum. If I could just find a deal on this….




Gansevoort Turks and Caicos

So not a non-stop flight, but an old favorite. The island is amazing and the hotel is divine. I stayed there a few years ago with girlfriends and it was over the moon romantic!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Greg Majewski says:

    Question: In your youth or erstwhile, did you read anything about Costa Rica? I want to go.


  2. Lauren Majewski says:

    Yes, it’s supposed to be wonderful and inexpensive. Cara just went and said to make sure to check the time tables for the rainy season. She booked by accident!



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