So What Else Happened During Lady Week, You Ask….?

We ate all of the fish in the sea. Though this was hands down my favorite dish of the week – a tiny washboard filled with half salmon tartar and half tuna tartar. It was served with crazy lotus flowers and rice crackers. Zuma is still one of my favorite Miami spots.

The Perez Art Museum finally got crossed off of my Miami bucket list. Loved the architecture, the champagne, the gift shop, and the live concert by Brika.


The cold and the wind had us all feeling like a modern art masterpiece.

The next night the bestie and I opted for the trendy Cantina La Viente. The food was awful, but a table full of chaps seated next to us sent us a mariachi band. Think I can find this outfit in my Chap’s size?

We drank away the subpar food with margaritas the size of our heads and the bestie concluded with coffee, as always.

The next morning started with an early walk around Brickell Key and chats on the waterfront.

After which we dressed and had a boozy brunch at The Cypress Tavern, Michael Swartz’s other restaurant. Fuel was needed for shopping in the high end design district. This guy was calculating my bills.

I fell in love with the facade of the Fendi store. More Caribbean than Miami.

The last night started with Bruschetta from an old stanby and our 100th bottle of rose champagne.

Dinner was at the Setai Grill. Dinner with wine pairings. Mmmm.

Course one of desserts that we did not order: Bento box of everything.

Course two of desserts we did not order, nibbles that came with the bill. Not pictured, course three of desserts that we did not order, take away white chocolate covered everything.

After dining in such a highbrow place, we confused our outfits and headed for The Basement bar in the new Edition Hotel. We were about ten years too old for the crowd, but it was my friend’s birthday, so when in Rome. The ice skating rink was a centerpiece of the bar and featured neon lights that said, “I had too much to Dream last night.” Adorbs.

It was time to say goodbye to my Miami friends and sleep for 45 minutes before heading back to reality, the civilian life. xoxo


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