I just love the holidays. And my birthday. And this week we had both, literally celebrating all week- it was fantastic! I was elated to have my first real tree this year. I can’t even recall a real tree as a child and certainly never as an adult. I had this dreamy idea that the Chap and I would take the Beast into a Christmas tree farm, chop it down ourselves, and return home to decorate it together, then snuggling in for the night with festive cocktails. The reality was almost the same. I was having a super awful day, drove to a Target parking lot, chose a tree with the help of an 18 year old boy who was working there, drove home, and somehow carried the damn thing inside myself, and decorated it alone. Ahhh, reality

I took the extra branches and tried to make a mantle out of them on our entertainment Center.

The beast was thrilled with this plan as he proceeded to grab branches and make me chase him around the house. He posed like this on his own. No idea about that constipated tongue-out face he’s making.

More on Christmas dinner with the Chap soon!


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