Cabo, Part Tres and a Night at Edith’s

Day three! On the final day, my bestie decides to make a Mexican appearance. For 24 hours. Yet, delays did what they do and she only was in Cabo for 18 hours. Crazy, crazy lady.

While I missed my friend the last few days, I was in this great zen state- gorgeous destination, reading, writing, sleeping. I vowed to return home and take better care of myself and attempt to keep this awesome feeling. Wanting to try something new, and not able to take surf lessons because the resort cater to couples I was told, (ha) I decided to visit my first spa. I’ve always shrugged off massages as the idea freaks me out a bit, so I opted for my first facial instead. It was soo relaxing and wonderful! Afterward, I was invited to pop into the whirlpools, a hot, a lukewarm, and a positively freezing. It was incredibly windy and I stuck to the hot water for awhile, but even that became cold.

Relaxed, the bestie finally arrived a few hours later than expected. We immediately ordered cocktails and every taco on the menu. The girl talk was days over due and the air was thick with its anticipation. Jokes, it was crisp and salty perfection. We gabbed nearly all day, met some new friends and sat around the pool enjoy my last and the bestie’s first Cabo sunset. Another sunset pic. Surprised? Thought so.
Thar she goes!

Awwww. Time to get cleaned up, poke around town for a bit and head to dinner.

First stop was The Office, a famous bar on the beach with sand floors. Lauren Conrad just had her bachelorette party there, just as Whitney Port had hers at or hotel- Hills gossip much? It was early and the vibe was not our speed. Live band, older folks very drunk and shaking it lik extras in a Beyoncé video, and men with “guns” full of tequila

Statue in front of The Office:

We headed to dinner early and enjoyed a feast as the bestie slowly fell asleep after her massive day of travel that had begun at 3am and a few time zones earlier. Awww.

Dinner was at the famous, Edith’s. the bestie started with this beautiful lobster bisque.Edit

I opted for chicken tortilla soup. Edit

We tried tuna tartar served lettuce wrap style. The soup was much more of a highlight.

For dinner, the bestie had this seafood soup. It was not great.

I tried the shrimp Veracruz which were very…boring (and had legs). Well, at least the restaurant was cute.

We decided to wake the bestie back up with a giant coffee, full of liquor and set on fire. It’s an old Mexican cure for sleepiness.

Sugar rim, Carmelites in front of us.  Very cool. Totally unnecessary. Turns out that maybe this was the Mexican cure to induce sleepiness. We headed back home to check out our roof top bar then crashed for the night.

 I would return to Cabo in a second. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend The Cape hotel to anyone, particularly for a romantic getaway. The hotel is brand new and working out a few kinks, like a missed gift my bestie tried to send me, an accidental cancellation a month before my visit, and an extra $1600 on my bill upon checkout!?! Lucky for them, the resort more than overcomes the snafus. I can’t wait to return! Til next time, Cabo.


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