From Rays to Manta Rays

After a long day of splashing about this body of water, looking at these rocks, I decided to take my party of one inside…

…where I made my own body of water, both in this beautiful copper tub and all over the floor. Whoops. I made the executive decision that the half bottle of champagne in the mini bar would accompany me in my soak. Tattinger and a modern classic, Perfume, for the win. Ahh, little luxuries.

After my soak, I dressed for dinner and headed down to Manta, the acclaimed hotel restaurant by chef Enrique Olvera, supposed one of the world’s top chefs, though I must admit that I hadn’t previously heard of him. I’d read all about the restaurant on Trip Advisor and there were particular accolades of the tasting menu and the desserts. Sold. Complete culinary indulgence coming right up!

When I arrived at the restaurant, couples upon couples were canoodling in dark corners. I asked to be seated outside with a view of the famed arch that I couldn’t get enough of. I was told I could sit anywhere as there was just one other lone (score) man also enjoying the rock view. I picked a quaint table for two, settled in and was promptly asked to move. Ummm what!? The place was empty. The manager asked me if I minded as a couple was coming in and they had enjoyed that table the last few nights. Well, OK, but they’d better be getting engaged. I needed some entertainment. THEY NEVER CAME. Oh well, I’m happy for her that he didn’t do it in a restaurant with two lone strangers present. Awkward, but I would have taken their photo for them.

After telling the waiter that my single self would like to try the four course tasting menu, and him looking at me like I had four heads, I was excited to kickback and peruse the IG. Oh, no, I was the one to put in the work. The four course menu wasn’t a selection of the chef’s favorites, but rather just that I could select four items from the menu. How dull.

I started off with this “rice chicaronne” which came with a spicy avocado dipping sauce for it. It was absolutely delicious, something I’d happily snack on every day.

Next up was the hamachi crudo. Again, amazing. It came with pickled onions and a trio of dipping sauces to make things lively. Yes, yes, yes.

Then came the cash money Drake of octopii. Simply grilled, it was perfection until it got cold, then I just had an abundance of chewy octopus. Great presentation and use of the chef’s hip hop influences into such a simple dish.

Then came a seabass. I may have been too full, but it was not great.

A cake of sweet red beans was then presented to me. I eat everything save beans and ketchup, so I couldn’t deal with this. I took a tiny bite and must have made some awful face, because my real dessert was presented to me like this. Dirt in a cup you had in kindergarten was more artistic than this bowl of dry cake crumbs.

 The meal started strong and slowly declined into a crumb trail of tears. I’d try Manta again (and probably would being in Mexico alone and all!) but next time, I advise myself to stick to the raw or lightly grilled seafood. Oh and bring a large camera in case the next night was the one for the engagement.


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