Cabo San Lucas, Day One

Having wrapped my head around taking a girls’ weekend alone, I couldn’t wait to lounge in the sun, read, and write. I was over the moon looking forward to this getaway, especially after a much more taxing work even than I’d even anticipated. A sucker for nice things AND a deal, I couldn’t wait to see what the “Virgin Galactic” rate I found would deliver. Did the hotel think I was an astronaut and I’d have to talk space travel the whole time? Only check-in could tell.

Thankfully, I had previously arranged a jazzy airport transfer through my hotel. It was great to have as a lady in Mexico alone, avoiding taxis as I hadn’t yet developed a feeling for the area. The pristine Escalade was waiting right outside of the airport doors and was outfitted with water, candies, and cool eucalyptus-scented towels. The drive to the hotel was maybe forty minutes and offered gorgeous views of the coast. Yay, paradise!

The Cape, a Thompson Hotel was so much more than I expected. This view was from the stylish open air lobby. The hotel spillled into the pool which was hard to differentiate from the sea. Incredible.

Look right and you’ll see the famous arch, remniscient of the one in Capri I’d visited so many years prior.

I informed the front desk that my friend was likely not joining me after all. They said it would be no problem to swap me to a king sized bed, it would just take maybe 30 minutes. Not a problem. I was starving. I found myself the only patron of the hotel’s Ledge restaurant. I dined on a Paloma cocktail – my favorite – and shrimp tacos with grilled pineapple. Pricey but tasty.

I quickly unpacked and changed to head to the poolside. The hotel was nearly empty in capactiy, though to be fair it was a Wednesday morning. I had no problem setting up shop in one of the partially submerged lounge chairs positioned perfectly near the in-pool jacuzzi and bar where I quickly made friends with the barman, Cesar.

Cesar made me this tasty drink called a ‘Pink Pool,’ I imagined because it was pink and near the pool. Literal things like that amuse me greatly.  I was thrilled to find The Cape use this photo in their Instagram as well. Vodka drinks, water, great book, Tom Ford sunnies, a text chain with the chap. Perfect afternoon. Now I just had to convince my boss that I could work remotely all the time.

The Cape hotel and empty pool area, I guess no one’s friends showed up.

I sat in the pool until sunset where I could have cried at the beautiful colors and background – how romantic!

Then, I saw this man and his trusty beast which made me wish my own were with me. Next time, guys – get your passports ready!


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