Caped Crusaders

The Chap and I drove through the night with our trusty Beast to spend a week…or so… Meeting his parents, an event to make any gal nervous, but lucky for me, my anxious transaction was a set in a beautiful place. My Instagram was a flurry of sunsets enjoyed on beach after more gorgeous beach, as evidenced below.


We had a few cool days that made it charming to sport sweaters in August. Life was pretty close to the Lana del Ray video (National Anthem) that was playing on repeat in my head. We needed more jewels and a little more time picnicking on cliffs, but other than that, it was exactly the same.
We took one cool day to drive to Provincetown, which is effectively Key West North. Lots of stylish gays, art gallery after art gallery, and beautiful homes.
On the way to “P-Town” we just “had” to stop at some place called Arnold’s for the supposed best fried clams. What they don’t tell you is that these are fried clam bellies. I love seafood, but this kind of freaked me out. I was glad to try the regional “delicacy,” but it’s an experience I don’t soon need again. I also sampled a lobstah roll because When In Rome and had a local Beach Blonde beer. Nom. Nom. Nom. My inner fat kid rejoiced.


A spectacular yard in Provincetown.


Beach and marina view from our beach bar.


We spent a few days relaxing on the beach, jogging and reading. The evenings brought meals in the garden or treks to stunning resorts such as the Wequasett Resort pictured below. The boats and sunset reminded me of summers in Brittany. The whole area did really. I could certainly see why one would retire here.



This flower couldn’t decide which shade of beautiful it wanted to be. All the hydrangea bushes made me anxious to move to France and become a professional gardener in Brittany. The terroir seemed to do the work for you.


The inside of the resort opened to the gardens and had lit trees that provided the perfect ambiance to hear soulful singers like the daughter of the chap of the band, The Band.
Our last day on the beach was perfect!
The Chap’s father introduced me to horseshoe crabs and I was instantly intrigued. After I met my first, I was borderline obsessed. Crabs that look like rocks! What a brilliant idea!
I’m not sure the Chap loves the ocean quite the way I do, but chivalry isn’t dead as he picked one up as I requested and flipped it over so I could determine if and where it’s eyes resided. Answer: no eyes.


I loved my first visit to Cape Cod and can’t wait to return when the horseshoe crabs are abundant and the president isn’t in town.


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