Shipping Up to Boston

The last week or so has been spent in Cape Cod meeting the Chap’s parents for…<gulp>…A WEEK! No pressure, right? Luckily, it was a great visit and they were easy going and wonderful that within just a few hours all anxieties, uncertainties, and pressures for bringing the perfect host gift were resolved. Phew. (More on this adventure tomorrow)!

Perhaps, the Chap sensed my nerves, because he punctuated our trip with a stay in the brand new Envoy hotel on the Seaport in Boston. I’ve been to Boston a few times, but really just for weddings and haven’t spent much time tooling about the city. It was fun to play tourist for a few days from such a handsome home base.

Our room had a gorgeous view of downtown Boston from the Seaport. Our TV was riding a bicycle and we found out that the windows weren’t tinted. HELLO, Boston! Hope you enjoyed my Netflix account.

The room was nicely appointed aside from a totally see through bathroom. There were robes that were floor length gray hoodies. Amazing. I threatened to wear mine to dinner in the monsoon that was our night out.

Rainy Boston view from our room.

We started our rainy day with a pre-shopping lunch at Ming Tsai’s new restaurant, Blue Dragon. The food was average and the service was absimal. Not sure what all the hype was about.

We spent the day walking all over the city and fairly unsuccessfully shopping Newbury Street.

The evening brought a delicious meal at Row 34, a great oyster and seafood restaurant that brought us two desserts for the Chap’s belated birthday. Just what we needed. I met one of the Chap’s long time friends who was rather chatty, all the better to enjoy my homeade pasta with fresh seafood and summer squash I suppose.

Today we truly played tourist. Despite passing the Hermes new location twice, I was more suited for the likes of Faneuil Hall.

Then we walked by the oldest running restaurant in America, but steered clear of the tourist trap food. It sure was cute though.

Old timey street of cuteness. Official name.

We strolled our way up into the North End which was Italian heaven. Store after store of regional Italian ingredients and pastry case after pastry case. I nearly had an anxiety attack.

In Modern Pastry, with all of their options, the Chap suggested we split a muffin. A muffin. I know what you’re thinking, break up with him now, you hate muffins! I was able to talk myself out of a bland caloric bomb by suggesting trying something that neither of us had ever had before. That’s how we landed this millefeulltine. Layer after layer of flaky pastry baked with ricotta and vanilla. Somewhat savory, but I couldn’t even finish my half of the treat.

Walking back toward the Seaport, we debated sending my parents some lobsters. Not this one though. He was taken.

Six pounds seemed just about right!

Ultimately, I selected a few smaller ones to take home so the beast (dog) would have some company and authentic souvineers.

Legal Seafood was apparently the only place we could consider having lunch and I’m glad we did as it was delish. Supposedly, it has the best clam chowder in the state! It was a mug of creamy goodness for certain, but not sure it would be on my regular rotation. Mussels and oysters for me please.

Don’t worry, oysters came first, my favorites being from Contuit Bay. #EatLocal

We packed up our hotel to head back to the Cape for a few days, but not before a Wellesley tour of where the Chap was raised. We saw so much, I felt like a native! And lucky for me, the natives like their cheese shops. We brought back a huge goody bag from the aptly named “The Cheese Shop” to share with the family. Mmmmm


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