Return to Miami

Somehow I’ve already been back from Miami for a week! I’d been looking forward to the trip for months…good thing the anticipation is half of the fun because it all happened so quickly. After a month, literally, a month of moving house twice coupled with some long hours of work, we couldn’t wait to park our behinds in the sand. Oh and sleep. Lots of sleep.

 We got what we came for. The chap and I saw only a couple of friends and mostly relaxed and read in the sunshine. Not mad, just needed another week to get all of the eating, reading, shopping, and walking in. There’s something to be said for showing someone places you love, but it adds some pressure! Every meal has to be exceptional and you have to hit spots x, y, and z and and and… There’s beauty to exploring a place unknown I’m finding so Miami may need a rest for a bit.

But, I’m happy to say, the beach is beautiful (and expensive as ever).

One of my favourite spots on the beach- posted up by The Raleigh pool bar with a good book or two.

The Michael Swartz restaurant makes a good snack including crispy hominy and rosè.

Next up was a nap and sunset at The Standard. Standard.

The next day, spirits and sun were up! Back to The Raleigh pool. I must say, staying across the street at The Redbury which had Raleigh and SLS pool privileges, at a fraction of the price with larger and newer rooms, was definitely the way to go!

Rooftop view on The Redbury

I die over these trees every time I see them.

Last night’s progressive dinner from the Sanctuary to Bazaar. Mmm

Seemingly upsetting, we missed our flight due to a series of odd circumstances. Lucky for me, we were able to hightail t to Coral Gables for happy hour with a few favourites and one last dose of Spanish cuisine.

Thanks for another weekend, Miami! Next up, somewhere new…


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