Slutty Brownies

The problem with sluts is that they’re cheap and easy. They’re by nature also full of lots of things…. Just like these brownies!

I’m not one for packaged baked goods since I love to bake, but I ran into this little problem travelling back from Miami this weekend. Since we missed our flight and were delayed a cool seven hours…I decided we NEEDED cookies. Needed them…from the famous Icebox Cafe. Seven dollars wasted on the driest cookies in America. The wettest tears cry for the driest baked goods. Tear….
Anyway, I was still craving cookie goodness (but didn’t have much time to bake) the next day so I decided to finally try the famous “slutty brownies” on the Rosie Londoner blog. They’re a mixture of chocolate chip cookie, double stuffed Oreos, and dark chocolate brownies, reminiscent of a favourite cake I made for Christmas a few years ago, so I decided to give them ago. They took approximately three minutes to assemble.
Layer one:  smash cookie dough into parchment lined pan.


Top with Oreos. Eat extras.
Decide it’s fine that you’re cheapening out on this hooker dessert because your kitchen is classed up with fresh flowers and fancy candles. Justification is everything.


Whip up your dark chocolate brownies. Bake at 375 for 30 minutes. This is the key to looking like the perfectly  skinny legged, giant boobed, fluffy haired Rosie Londoner. If she eats this AND I eat this, surely I’ll end up looking like her?  Worth a shot!


Me as Rosie. Twins, right?


Nothing like trying that pose fresh out of the shower with no make-up. I figured my stunning all black lounge attire would slim me down to Rosie size. Clearly it worked.
Anyways, the brownies weren’t great or all that pretty, but they were easy…just like a slut!


The chap (who never asked what was slutty about them. His humour must be above mine…) and I each tasted one and declared them “meh.” I sent the rest to his all male colleague crew. Slutty brownies were a huge hit there! Go figure.


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