This Little Piggy…

Not long ago, the Chap fixed me the most incredible welcome-home-from-your-family shenanigans dinner. While I love to cook, the best part about this particular meal was the not cooking. Well, the best part after eating it anyways. A long weekend of family is always…long…but I got to hang out with the he nephew who decided to yell fire during a formal dinner of 80 or so people.  We took him outside to investigate a dumpster covered in ferrel cats and he was fine.

Course one the Chap mustered via six! trips to the grocery, was homemade patê with a port wine gelèe. You know, the standard stuff that boyfriends just whip up for you because they can. It looks a little pb&j in the photo, but I assure you it was not. Very impressive served on some grilled crostini and topped with the coolest tiny pyramids of salt.




The main was a pork ragu served over polenta, the recipe found in Bon Appetit. This dish was probably one of my favourites he’s made me. Upon eating it for three nights in a row. I was questioning his recipe storage system. And just HOW he was planning on keeping it, because we were going to need it in the safe deposit box. Please and thank you.


Served with a salad of arugula, toasted almonds, and feta, we had the perfect little Sunday dinner. And don’t even think that paper napkins were used in the consumption of this meal.



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