Dîner en Party

I always wish I lived in a city that hosted a  ‘dîner en blanc’. Or really that I was in Paris with a handful of good friends for one of theirs. Actually, maybe I’ll go register for the DC one right this minute…

Anywho….last weekend the chap hosted his own dinner party. It was a roomful of half strangers with cameras for photographing a plethora of indulgent dishes. While it was more colorful, I assume the sentiment of a dîner en blanc was something similar. Having not hosted a dinner party in far too long, it was wonderful to have that piece of life blown back into that deflated piece of me.
The other couple was a bit younger, but rather adorable and I must admit being happily envious of them. They travel extensively, the he had started his own business right in line with my current roles and while the she had a job enviable by any attorney, her passion was in more creative pursuits. How did I forget to be this professionally well rounded when I was 26? I left inspired really. Inspired to entertain, to once again own a domain for writing, and to learn how to photograph food properly. The iPhone camera isn’t great for the task and being around such wonderful dishes of late is forcing me to find better practices.
Inspired, full, and satiated with life, here’s what we ate on our sort of double blind date.
Lump crab cakes with a lemon dill sauce which were hands down my fav nibble of the evening. In the back is ‘fromage fort.’ Basically it’s the bunch of the ends of cheese and some wine shoved together and spread on crostini. Also delish and the flavor became plus fort the next day.


Fried Halloumi with honey, figs, and toasted almonds.



Red wine braised short ribs with roasted broccoli because I’m the only millennial that still believes in potatoes. Not sure why these ribs photographed so black, but they were incredibly rich and fall-of-the bone perfection.


The pear and brown butter almond tart. It’s recently a go-to, and the crowd went wild. That shortbread crust is a total panty-dropper.



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  1. Trailing Rachel says:

    LOVE it, Lauren. You are so gracious in your account of this evening. Thanks for the kind words! That tart WAS the bomb! We'll have to do it again sometime, and next time Charlie and I will actually contribute.



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