Cake Cake Cake Cake

It’s official. The cake of Rihanna’s classy ass song about baked goods and birthday parties was this one that I recently made for mum’s 59th.

Mum loves all things chocolate and coconut, so I thought Mounds Bar cake certainly would be the way to go. I debated adding almond components to upgrade to Almond Joy cake, but opted for simplicity and recipe following the first go. The recipe can be found here on the blog Confessions of a Cookbook Queen. 
The recipe was very easy to follow and I wouldn’t tweak much. I used dark chocolate cacao instead of regular and would certainly make the recipe again that way. The coconut creme filling was super sweet and made a TON. After taste testing the recipe a few times to ensure accuracy, the chap suggested going with less filling as the cake to filling ratio is a bit backward. I’d have to agree. I even saved a mound of filling to use as decor on the top of the cake, but still had leftover.
The coconut buttercream was the business, not too sweet and packed with flavor as its made with creme de coco. The whole sweet mess is topped with a chocolate ganache comprised of semi-sweet, butter, and corn syrup which was a new addition for me. It felt strange, but did avoid chocolate cracking. I decorated with a blob of filling and some shredded coconut I had toasted.
Everyone I who ate the cake loved it and everyone who missed a piece but saw the photos were mad that I didn’t save a piece for them. Next cake kids, next cake.
Here’s one of my FAVORITE kitchen tools doing the heavy lifting.


Thick dark chocolate batter was absolutely delicious.


Salted dark chocolate cake with coconut creme filling, coconut buttercream, chocolate ganache, accented with toasted coconut = Mounds Bar cake


Wish I had a photo of a cross section of a slice, but it was always devoured rather quickly.
Here’s my beautiful mum making a wish on my glowing confection.



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