What a Week!

What a whirlwind week you guys! I have some serious working backward of story telling, but here’s a preview in one glorious run on sentence:  spent a long weekend in Asheville with the chap and his canine companion, interviewed for new jobs, went through my first lay off, enjoyed a  job offer from a European company that has me over the moon, baked some birthday cake for mum, sent a bevy of long winded emails, ran through the yellow season, was the last person in America to finish House of Cards, enjoyed some solid lady time in the sunshine, rocked out to Alt-J, prepped and baked for a dinner party, and introduced the chap to the rents at Easter dinner.

At the moment I’m tying up loose work ends and sitting on my hands not to push the buy button on any number of travel websites. Unemployed friends with convincing influences and cases of wanderlust wanted.
Fill you in with the details shortly.


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