Day One

I’m so grateful to have had to swap apartments last minute. I love the little balcony that overlooks a quiet courtyard. It reminds me of my nights in Miami, spent sitting outside listening to music, taste testing whatever product work was launching, and tapping away to blogs or friends now long lost. As you were able to arrive to work in Miami prior to ten o’clock and still be considered on time, I enjoyed this luxury prior to my night swims on the daily. Back in America, this isn’t the case so I’m enjoying while I can.

My three week hiatus from work life is charmingly beginning just the same, but instead of my trusty old MacBook that churns and churns upon trying to start it these days, I’m with handhelds much easier to use. And instead of overlooking the always bustling Miami avenue, avoiding eye contact with the neighbours I shared a bedroom wall with whose antics woke me up every other morning like clockwork…it’s now a brief glimpse into the outdoor space of a few nearby families and beige dogs.
As I’m attempting to not spend funds travelling during my hiatus, I’ve decided to return to basics, reading, movies, and writing every single day of this little break. I wish I could be more regimented- securing a morning gym routine, tucking in at the same time every night, but I don’t think I’m cut from that C-level cloth. I’m always down for the impromptu-whether it’s a trip, late night dance party, or need to write to speak to someone at length. Maybe with age will come wisdom and I’ll figure it all out, but I doubt it. This is the stuff that makes life worth living, not the six am spin class five days a week.
So day one of unemployment was naturally spent reading unemployment and re-employment agreements. I ramble to you now, and I’ve just watched “And While We Were Here.”


While there weren’t great reviews and there were often cheesy bits, even for me, I still enjoyed the film. Kate Bosworth was looking just goegeous. She has no chemistry with her unattractive love interest (I can’t blame her) but the film still struck a chord. She travels from gritty Naples to Ischia and I couldn’t help to be transported back to the charming restaurants in the marina near Castel del Ouvo to the breathtakingly gorgeous Capri during a trip taken far too long ago. Thinking about cruising around the island, diving for lobsters and getting lost hiking through towns was on my mind. The sheer beauty of the island could easily allow you to overlook common sense and fall in love with some ratty 19 year old just as Kate did. Or maybe she was just avoiding a life of six am spin classes too.
Even though I claim to be avoiding travel, I’ve also been trying to talk a few adventurous girlfriends into making me take a last minute trip, but no bites yet. I’ll be secretly taking applications in the meantime for those with immediate time and a classic case of wanderlust.
Let me tempt you into applying…
Capri Marina




High on the mountaintop


Yacht speckles







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