Romantic Pursuits

While in Miami, one of my female friends insisted that I hop on the Tinder because she ff legit suitors in favor of a girls weekend in Miami, I waited until I was drunk in the airport on the way home and racked up quite the body count swiping right. Here are my favorites in no particular order.

I don’t know Jason, they isn’t around your damn grill, that’s for sure.
That horse placement!


Hump day! The one hump kind…


What? Just what is he trying to say in any of this? What a dick! He should totally donate his eyes to Demi Moore after explaining coconut drainage systems.


Gentleman guy with Closet friends…. Freudian slip much?


Screams at turkeys.


I need to know where you bought that shoe/shirt combo! Do-Wayne, says it all!


His seasoning is all wrong and the bird isn’t even trussed!
Loves to make out because most guys just hate that…?


Favorite Tinder ever.


First glance, bails of drugs. Second glance, my flight is delayed.


At least his head is warm?
I don’t trust you for one second, “Slava.”
Please tell me that’s two animals…
Wonder who gave him that cool nickname? Must be really nice…T-Nice…


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Greg M. says:

    I am glad Jorge showed off his cubicle. Whenever I really want to really KNOW someone, it helps to be able to see where they get dressed-down by the assistant director.Also: WHY ARE BYRON'S HANDS SO SMALL?


  2. Lauren Majewski says:

    Byron's fist game is so tight and wrought with anger because no one calls him T-Nice.



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