Thanksgiving is a Special Night

Thanksgiving was like THE holiday this year. Usually, it’s Christmas for me, but all of the antics were around the bird this year. I still hate pumpkin pie.

Last weekend, the beau and I flew up to Cape Cod for his family’s Thanksgiving. They had their festivities a week early due to some newly wed travel schedules. This worked out swimmingly, as the beau stayed in town with me as my grandparents, siblings, and nephew came to town. We’re so rarely all together, and never in the comfort of my parents’ home, that this year felt extra special.
Nothing is ever the same, but particularly in this last year, which flew by because I’m getting old as @&$!. This year I find myself especially thankful for:
     * My ever lovely family
     * Spending time with said family
     * Continued safe travels
     * Food, shelter, warmth, and all of the other basics that I’m so basically spoiled with
     * A new job that’s teaching me much, in a new industry with nice co-workers
The holiday flew by too quickly; here are some highlights:
This is a Salted Carmel Apple cake I made. It looked pretty dope, then all of the Carmel slid off of the top and onto the counter overnight.


The inside looked like this. Despite Pinterest claiming it was mad delish, I found it a bit dull. PS. The buttercream was made on the stove! So old fashioned, it’s new age again.


The nephew plays with the great-grandparents, freaking adorable.


Look at the photo quality of that drool!


Nephew taking after his auntie- he loves some ranch, or at least the bottle.


We took a break from all the child’s play to hit up a haunted Mexican restaurant that delivers snacks via train. Standard.


Since I don’t take photos of adults, here is one last of the nephew enjoying the Christmas card collection he will one day inherit. Note: he did not get in trouble for attempting to rearrange them.


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