Read this: The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

The debut novel of Adell Waldman is one of those books that not only makes you want to write, but convinces you that you can…or that you at least have a story.
Nathaniel P is a modern Everyman. He’s a slightly above average guy that you’ll date for awhile, but ultimately won’t marry because he’s an asshole- Ivy League education and book deal aside. He sometimes dull and other times comfortably normal dating tales remind the reader of their own. A good relationship is lost over a female playing games and a male looking for something wrong, just as in life. 
The relatable story lines and dialogue have an easy way of drawing the reader into the story, and also provide a spirit of”why didn’t I think to write this book? This is just like my life.” The inner workings of Nathaniel’s mind are known to the reader which provides some interesting insights into te psyche of the other sex, even if penned by a female.
For me, Nathaniel was Holden Caufield grown up- a man I’ve missed, but was too brooding to date.
Read this book now so Adelle can inspire you put pen to paper just as she has done for me…finally.


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