Lady Love Loss

For the last few weeks I’ve been a bit miffed to have not spoken to the girlfriend who is my daily text message sanity check. She tended to dole out great guy advice and was a kindred spirit (one of very few) when I resided in the nightmare that is MIA. I loved her like a little sister but I’m afraid she may have broken up with me. Running off with my ex into the wild Euro yonder like the stuff  of a classy episode of Maury Povich. I wasn’t thrilled at first with the total disregard of my feelings and broken girl code, but decided I didn’t really care. It turns out he was exactly who he appeared to be. With warning, I said good luck and maybe things will be different for her. I was supportive and a good, excited friend to her…perhaps our relationship was always a little more one sided than I care to admit.
Although on friendly terms with both of them upon moving last year, neither speak to me now. It’s disappointing, but perhaps they are best suited to each other’s company. While guys can come and go, with the caveat of the good ones being the really good ones, I could care less about the ex, but wanted to keep my lady friend. A good girl friend is100x harder to find than some guy to date. 
So, I extended an olive branch yesterday as I’ve always heard that one does not lose girlfriends over a guy. So I sent her a funny meme we used to laugh over together – a little something to brighten the work day. No words were necessary. No response ever came which made me disappointed and pissed. A day to mourn the lose of a friendship and I suppose it’s time to keep moving. 
It was this article in Huff Post this morning that made me realize I’m not the only one being snubbed. I was amsued with Aziz Ansari’s delightful one-sided text game to Blake Lively. The snub game is thick this week.

I’ll text you back, Aziz.

Read it here.  (Aziz’s plight, not my own).


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