Sleepy Saturday

I stole today away from everything – social engagements, the beau, the family, and really enoyed some solitude the way that I used to in Miami.

After sleeping in, cleaning out all of my closets and drawers, I opted to Iron Chef myself and see what I could create.
Dinner was a phyllo dough pizza, topped with garlicky spinach, fresh tomatoes, and an abundance of cheeses. It was rather tasty and I ate quite too much; I’d highly recommend if you’re looking for something indulgent but not too carby. Let’s face it, what you really want on a rainy Saturday is a big bowl of pasta, so instead you have to contend with beaucoup des fromages. Here’s how you make it.
Freaky Greeky Phyllo Pizza
Serves 1.5

Thaw some phyllo. Spray every few sheets with cooking spray (or butter if you’re skinny) and sprinkle with Parmesan. 
Blend together some thawed chopped spinach, 4oz. cream cheese, chopped onions, and lots of garlic.
Tell your fresh tomatoes, feta, and mozzarella to get ready to make some sweet Greeky Freaky pizza love.

Immediately reserve a few tablespoons of the spinach garlicky goodness to test drive with pita chips while you have a glass of Cabernet and wait for the pizza to bake.


Uncooked pizza.
Cooked pizza. (375 degrees for 15 minutes). You couldn’t even drink a glass of wine in the time to make this gourmet meal.
Eat 2-4 pieces of phyllo pizza. Replenish wine. Decide you should make dessert.
Tonight I test drove another David Lebovitz recipe, which are always no fail. This French Apple Cake was a hybrid of dessert and digestif. No brainer.
While it sure looks good, I don’t think I’ll be making this one again for the lack of flavor. Think mostly apples, dark rum, and a springform pan. Meh. Did not remind me of any cake I’ve had in France. First Lebovitz fail.


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