Roland Mouret Picks a Banana

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Parisian designer, Roland Mouret, has designed a capsule collection for Banana Republic. Once I saw the look book of various cut black dressss, I knew they must be adopted by me.

However, this was an ill planned pursuit, unlike the Missoni-Target collaboration of 2011. For that event, I set an alarm moments before the sale started, lept from bed and planted on the couch (still in the nude) with two laptops feeding my designer discount shopping problem in the style of a securities trader. I likely single-handedly crashed the website and ultimately ended up returning everything as it was more discount than designer in look and feel. One wide brimmed hat that I’ve yet to wear is my only keepsake from the momentous occasion.
So I’m hoping yesterday’s in-office flurry of excitement yields better results. To start, I’d forgotten about the sale despite perusing the look book the night prior. I arrived at the office and a coworker and I dropped what I could in my cart. She assuring me that I’d look great in a tight one-shoulder number at the next national sales meeting (doubtful AND confusing) and that she had a coupon. Two untruths. So for the first time ever, I purchased full price from Banana Republic, a sin in my book, but the opportunity to look like a slender French woman was just too alluring to let pass.
Here were my scores. 

I’ll let you know how it all turned out as soon as the items arrive. Bon Weekend!


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