A Sentence About Miami

Desperately missing my girlfriends, and with the beau in other lands for a few weeks, I decide to fly across a pink striped sky.
Upon arrival, I was whisked to a perfect rooftop pool for a bottle of wine and much overdue conversation – night swimming was amiss!


The next morning I enjoyed a long walk, taking the time to visit another couple of friends – two if by sea.


The views toward the Keys continue to slay me.


So I celebrated my warm weather happiness with a warm weather drink.


It stood well alongside my favorite dish of spicy guacamole.


This caused me to spend the rest of the afternoon hiding my decadent lunch-filled bikini bod under this kind palm tree.


My siesta yielded a girlfriend back from work and outfits for the evening.


Too much merengue transpired, so I had to calm myself via a calming afternoon on a beautiful island.


The island was inhabited by a lovely Aussie who found us another new friend.


Hercules- longer than a planter and fire breathing for certain.


It was soon time to start a weekend long birthday celebration!


And despite it not being my birthday, a present found it’s way to me, straight from London!


Later in the afternoon, we came across a beautiful wood.


That we quickly exchanged for an even more perfect view of the bay.


We were a few hours early for a sunset at my favorite spot for such.


So we decided to stay and see a flick from the comfort of the pool after the sun had retired.


The menu was even in the mood for swim week, though failed to offer orange mocha frapucinos.


On my final day, I rented a bicycle and rode all over the beach to discover a new pier from atop my ocean viewing hill.


Happy I bicycled early, my afternoon warranted a large iced coffee and Vogue in less favorable conditions.


Luckily it cleared up in time to visit with more friends, test Ladureé’s newest outpost, and ensure that the birthday girl was all smiles.


I imagine her wish is for a smidge more than continued sunshine, and it is my wish that it will come true.



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