The Art of the Three (or Four) Day Weekend

Heading to Miami this weekend, you wouldn’t think a passport would be in order, but you never know with my little adventurous clan of friends. A passport, girlfriends with birthdays, and a dangerous proximity to the Caribbean…a few glasses/bottles of wine and who knows what could happen!
Last year, dating a Londonite, I was really able to hone my vacation taking skills, although to be honest, I never needed much practice. Midsummer I turned an impromptu holiday weekend into 11 days in Europe. I only had to take four work days and creatively flexed some time with the boss’s approval (a sucker for romance herself). You never know what you can do with your time or your life until you take the leap to ask or try. This was just a small reminder of this truth.
Tomorrow I depart for 4.5 sunny days in Miami, bouncing between girlfriends. While this weekend will be more womance than romance, I can’t wait to see what it has in store and if my passport will gain another stamp. I think I’ll bring it just in case.
Á Bientôt!


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