Incredibly Well-Rounded Book Reviews

It would seem that I’m finally out of my illiterate slump, largely to thanks to FINALLY finishing The Luminaries by Elanor Catton.
Do not read this book. Do not read this, despite it’s numerous awards, its girth, or because your English major, reads a book-a-day best friend suggested it. It took me a grueling six weeks to get through this 800+ page nightmare. The bestie is only through chapter one because it’s just that bad.
Consider this more of a warning than a book review.
Next up! The Harm in Asking by Sara Barron

This came again from the bestie. You’d think I’d have learned my lesson, but she has made some good contributions in the past to my reading list so I persevered. This wasn’tb so much of a suggestion, as it was more of a poolside, “here take it; it’s funny,” after a couple margaritas and no doubt feeling awful about the Eleanor Catton suggestion.
It was funny.
But not that funny.
I did not laugh out loud. I did laugh in my head. I will probably buy her other book for my next beach read as the author has just the right amount of snarkiness for a tequila veiled, sunshiney afternoon.
Consider yourself warned.


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