This Fish is Delish

The beau bought the largest hunk of salmon he could find and turned it into tr below photo.

Meow! It was super easy; here’s how you can get your own delicious fish.
1. Take 1.5 pound hunk of salmon. Place it on a bed of sliced lemons. Drizzle with garlic oil. Liberally coat in salt, pepper, mad large chunks of garlic, and fresh parsley. 
2. Cover with foil and bake at 375 for 45min. Mmmmm
With it you should probably serve a really simple Greek couscous salad like this one.
1. Make the couscous according to the package. 
2. While it’s doing it’s damn thang, cut cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and feta. Sprinkle with salt, and pepper. Give it a drizzle of olive oil if you’re feeling like further melding a Greek dish. Let the couscous cool a bit and toss it with the veg.
3. If you restrain yourself from eating it all, get ready for an awesome lunch tomorrow. 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Greg M. says:

    Since when do you like Greek food? I thought the lemon/fish combo was the bain of your youth.


  2. Lauren Majewski says:

    I like Greek food. The Bain of my youth was that awful resto known for its trots. And unknown reasons that mum and dad always wanted to go…



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