Cheers to the Freakin' Rican

Hey you guys! Miss me? I’ve been in Puerto Rico! It clearly was a great trip because I’ve been home for four days and I still haven’t recovered. Sleeping in tomorrow is going to be a life changer.

Of course I had a blast with my bestie; swimming, eating, drinking, dancing, gambling with the Houston Rockets. Standard vacation stuff. We stayed in the beautiful Ritz Carlton in Isla Verde in San Juan. Apparently, this is a family hotel, but despite that we still managed our fair share of debauchery, over-indulging, and going to bed at 4AM every night. All of this late night revelry and not once did I get to see a cockfight. And there was even a cockfighting arena across from our lovely accommodation. I was dying for a photo with caption that would read, ‘Dinner and a show.’ I never made it there. Sad face.
This writer is tired, broke, and covered in bug bites. Successful trip! Oh and as the Ritz was exactly as it sounded…ritzy…I quickly became annoyed with the nickle and diming of all of their ‘services’…. so I started stealing as many pens as I could. Signing check after check was so luxurious that I wanted to bring a little slice of heaven home. In the end I ended up with 14 pens (I let the bestie have 2) although I do keep finding them in weird places. On the last day, in a last ditch pen search of the room, the bestie yelled, “grab everything that’s not tied down”! That’s precisely what I did. Branded souvineers are the best.
All cocks and pens aside, here are a few highlights from our girls weekend in San Juan.
Day 1: Walking around San Juan, pool drinks, incredible Il Mulino dinner, gambling with the Rockets, a trip to a live band in a neighboring hotel, Roulette in a neighboring casino, bed.




Day 2: Sleep in, long walk on the beach, traditional Puerto Rican food in Old San Juan, Bestie buys art and a diamond necklace because she’s fancy, I buy nothing despite falling for a bracelet because I have my pens now, original piña coladas, more shopping, more walking, a swim, champagne, strange but lengthy six course dinner with wine pairings at Marmalade, dancing to a live band, so much twirling after such a large meal…., sitting on church steps, MORE roulette, MORE craps, bed….. zzzzzz.








Day 3: Beach, thunderstorm, pool, fish tacos, pool, nap, dinner at BLT steak, wedding, a prom, no cockfight, Blackjack, slots, a horrid club, another horrid club, yet MORE craps, bed.



Day 4: Sleep, breakfast, last ditch pen stealing effort, slots, airport.
A great, solid four days with my favorite, but next time I choose Turks and Caicos (again).


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