Threat Yo Self Thursday

Threat Yo Self  Thursday is just Treat Yo Self Tuesday with an ‘h’. See what I did there?

Thursday was a treat; I was alone for the first time since February. Not that I don’t love my family or my boyfriend, I just crave downtime and it’s been hard to come by in my current set-up, so last night I made sure to properly enjoy it. I turned down dinner and comedy show plans with colleagues so that I could bask in my table for one status.

The night started blissfully, running a few errands in an uncrowded mall. This may sound dull, but in an effort to curb spending, I returned a few purchases I’d made online. (Pats self on back). However….I did manage to find a new, authentic!, Panama hat for my trip next week. See, isn’t it so cute? It’s from Madewell. And it’s $6 less expensive than the one I should have purchased from the Webster in February. Money in the bank, son.

Then, I headed over to the beau’s house for the night. He was supposed to be there with me, but his flight was cancelled, hence the night to myself in my own space.

Since it’s been 90 degrees all week, it was time for the midweek ice storm. The temperature dropped  into the 50’s and and brought strong thunderstorms, so I changed into a warmer outfit to trek over to my favorite eating house, Bida Manda. That restaurant is a dream, truly delicious food in an atmosphere that is always busy and makes you feel like you might be in a big city. I bellied up to the bar for their cheap, but delicious house white wine, an Italian blend that perfectly complements what must be the best snack in Loas, shrimp chips.

It was a pleasure to nosh and catch up on a few missed articles in one of my favorite sections of the NYTimes, Modern Love.

For dinner I had my most favorite appetizer, Sticky Rice Lettuce Wraps. They come with a chili peanut sauce and just kill every craving; crunchy, green, chewy, spicy…filling, but not heavy. Again, quite inexpensive as there is no protein involved. Mmmm. This course was paired with Eleanor Catton’s, “The Luminaries,” a rather boring, and extremely long book that I’m desperately trying to finish pre-vacation next week.

A chap sat down quite nearly on top of me at the bar despite the two open seats to his left. Our elbows were nearly touching and it was annoying me to the point that I decided to wait him out to finish eating my dinner. Although I was asked no fewer than six times if I wanted a box for the other half of my meal, I stayed my ground and forced myself to read my dull tome. Lucky for me, ol’ chap was the speediest eater in America and inhaled, mostly with his fingers, ginger glazed pork ribs – that did smell divine so I really can’t blame him too much. The best part? Chap never spoke to me. Not that I’m assuming he would have hit on me, but bar people usually talk to other bar people, especially similarly aged and dressed patrons eating and drinking multiple courses alone. I usually don’t mind chatting with randos, but I was revelling in my alone-ness. Besides, we were sitting so ridiculously close it kind of felt like we were on a silent date. I assume this is what mime courtships feel like.

I finally finished my meal and had one more glass of grapes than intended waiting out the chap and I now needed to finish it. So I made the naughty decision to order dessert – cinnamon/pumpkin and chocolate/peanutbutter macarons. They tasted as good as they looked and seemed like a fair treat after doing a cleanse all week.

After hanging out at Bida Manda for two hours, I rolled my arse home, took a shower to warm up from the rain, threw on an oversized, supersoft boyfriend tee, and snuggled into bed with a nightcap, my ipad, and House of Cards. Wine induced online shopping led to an eBay purchase of a new beach tote that is going to look fantastic in Puerto Rico assuming it arrives in time.

I heard the rain all night (something I love), awoke early enough to get in a long workout and chat with the beau. Yesterday, life was perfect.


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