Weekend Wrap-Up

Friday was an adventure of domestic errands run with the beau, just before getting caught in a thunderstorm. We followed it up by not having dinner and going to a party, at which point 2-3 glasses of wine in, the apparent need for dinner arose. Thank goodness we waited, because we found the best new place. Five Star Chinese at http://www.heatseekershrimp.com. The food was perfect. A bit too salty, hot, cheap, and in a dining room that had not been updated since 1968. As we were leaving just after midnight, we exited through the bar area which really is just a large lounge. Wood floors, ample space for dancing, and lined with folding chairs that were full! No one was interacting as if we were at a 7th grade dance. The juxtopositon of this scene to the festive hip hop that was playing was quite amusing, and I wished I’d photographed the whole thing.

Saturday brought a road trip to Wrightsville Beach. Just two hours away, we packed some snacks and lemonade cocktails and planted ourselves in the sand for the better part of the afternoon. The weather was gorgeous and it was lovely just to chat, read, and have nothing better to do in gearing up for some business trips. The beach was pretty, except for a giant pipe that spanned the beach, the city was hoping to bury in the sand. The “Keep off Pipe” signs amused me. And despite the pipe and frigid ocean, I’d give this place a try again. It was all so easy, down to the parking. 

We headed home to find that Third Eye Blind was playing in the street beneath the beau’s balcony. I rearranged the furniture so that we could drink some cava outside and sing along with the old tunes. A very random end to a nice Saturday.
Sunday was Mother’s Day and the beau and I cooked for mum. He brought over all of his family business gourmet pizza supplies and had his way with the kitchen, even making a sauce from scratch. I played sous chef, bartender, and the salad course. It was a nice day with the parents resulting in an abundance of leftovers (delicious but not great for those prepping for next week’s beach vaca!).
                     Italian Wedges…

           Soppresata and Roasted Broccoli Pie….


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