The Word Everyone Loves to Hate


I don’t mind it, but it causes so many people I know spells of vomitting and body shivers.
Your face should be moist and I’ve been on a quest for the last 18 months to find the most perfect moist-urizer.
BREAKING NEWS IN THIS STORY: You can purchase the French cult favorite, Embryolisse, on 
My mind is blown. The other great nugget is that it’s $16! $16 for this product not available stateside. Seriously, my mind is actually blown. Last year, I spent some time in Paris with a girlfriend who moonlights as a make-up artist. We searched high and low for Embryolisse and failed to find it. Going in and out of so many pharmacies and Parisian Sephora really gave my French some practice so at least there was that. I expected the supposed miracle cream to be about $50 and debated even trying it at that price, although not to worry, because we never found it.
I’m pretty excited about my cheap find if it wasn’t evident. Not usually a fan of replacing a product ortrying a new one until the current has been depleted, I’m definitely making an exception on this one.
Here’s the other stuff I’ve been test driving in the last 18 months:
CeraVe AM/PM, $12
At $12 each, these dermatologist products earn a B rating, and mostly because of the price. The PM one is supposed to be life changing, and it’s ‘fine,’ just not worth buying again. My skin is soft, but I guess I was expecting a new face with the reviews I read. Don’t waste your money on the AM one. It is sunscreen rich (yay) but a bit heavy and I swear it’s causing my usually blemish-free skin to break out because of this. 
Pond’s Original, $7.99
I purchased a vat of this after speaking to a friend’s mom in Miami who is aboslutely gorgeous and looks far too young. She said her secret is to use Pond’s every night. I think her real secret might be plastic surgery, but for $7.99 I thought what can it hurt to try? This formula is unoffensive and quite ‘moist.’ It causes no breakouts, has no fragrance, but I wouldn’t buy it again. I’ve brought the ‘vat’ to the beau’s house in hopes it may disappear more quickly. It’s a good buy for the quantity/quality and Target sells handy little trial containers for $.99. It’s just unexciting.
Chanel Hydra Gel, $87
Now this is moisturizer love. I bought this as ‘treat’ on my 30th birthday because I was using that milestone as a cause to take better care of my skin. This is Chanel’s least expensive moisterizer, but to me, it’s the Rolls-Royce of skincare. My make-up artist friend (of the above) agrees. The smell is divine, the formula is super light yet moisterizing, and of course, being Chanel never hurt. The problem I’m having is justifying paying that price again. And the lack of sunscreen, but perhaps Banana Boat is best turned to for this attribute on outside days.
Until Chanel comes out with a discount program, I’ll be test driving the Embryloisse.


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