It's Friday, I'm In Love…


Well, I’m always in love with fashion – not just on Fridays. This week in particular, though, something has struck a sartorial chord. Perhaps it was finally catching up on Vogue ( I didn’t even hate the Kimye article), or adoring Mindy’s rainbow of Chanel bags on the season finale, or simply shopping; it was something as the bug has bitten.
1. The Cut.
Nymag’s fashionable counterpart is running a Parisian special that I can’t get enough of… Until June. Eeeeee! Time to book a trip!
2. Cartier’s new Amulette Collection.
Obsessed is the understatement of the year. Rose gold AND onyx together as one? A marriage of my two favorite attributes. (The bestie says my stripper name is Rose Gold. Hers: Emerald Cut).
These Art Deco designs are supposed good luck, ludicrously gorgeous, and lucky for my extremities, those crafty kids at Cartier have come up with both bracelets and necklaces. One of these pieces must come into my life. They are so much more practical than my former love, the Love bracelets. As my bestie says, “everyone has those.” Do they? I don’t. But! These bijoux are farrrrrrr less expensive – something that says, let’s drink a bottle of wine at lunch and see what happens in Cartier. The Love bracelets could never be a happy accident in that way. Also…the Amulette’s aren’t bangles. I adore a bangle, but they aren’t practical in the office and always end up sitting next to me on my mouse pad, watching, judging, just as the Amulettes never would. 

3. Gold Accessories.
I love gold in the summer on tanned skin.
4. Rose wine & delectable snacks.
I had to pick up a bottle of Provencal rose this week as the beau cooked up quite the seafood feast. I’m missing the bestie and this brings me back to our afternoons enjoying rose outside because we were both ‘off of work for sunshine.’ xx


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